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Immune Support


The immune system serves as the body's wellness gatekeeper.  Thousands of invading bacteria, chemicals, viruses, molds, and mutations attack the body every second of everyday.  A properly functioning immune system helps the body identify foreign substances and organisms and helps rid them from cells and tissues.  Proper immune function is needed to fend off infections and help maintain good health.

Arabinogalactan, Maitake Mushroom extracts and concentrated Aloe have all demonstrated the ability to stimulate the general response systems of the immune system in support of normal immune function. (Causey et al. 1999; D'Adamo 1998; Hauer and Anderer 1993; Qiu et al. 2000)  In addition, Arabinogalactan and Aloe have been shown to have antioxidant effects, which may help with regulating malfunctions of the immune system when it is over stimulated. (Byeon et al. 1998; Reith 1978)

These same natural ingredients also help boost the normal function of specific cells within the immune system.  Arabinogalactan benefits the immune system at the cellular level (Causey et al. 1999; D'Adamo 1998) and increases the activity of the immune system's general defenses against foreign invaders. (Hauer and Anderer 1993)  Maitake Mushroom extracts may help improve the immune system's memory, which may have some benefit in helping the body fight off diseases. (Adachi et al. 1987)  Studies on Aloe have demonstrated it has the ability to nutritionally support the activation of cells within the immune system. (Qiu et al. 2000)

Helping enhance the process that stimulates the immune system's response to invaders, Arabinogalactan promotes the release of several important non-specific, immune-response chemicals within the body boosting healthy immunity. (Wagner 1982)  Maitake extracts have been shown to promote and maintain immune cell health. (Rollwagen 2002)  Aloe extracts have been associated in clinical studies with providing nutritional support for the immune system. (Qui et al. 2000)

Additionally, Arabinogalactan has been shown to enhance blood flow to infected tissues increasing nutritional support (D'Adamo 1998), while Aloe promotes the healing process by maintaining cell health. (Byeon et al. 1998; Singh et al. 2000)

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