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Fatigue affects men and women of all ages and all walks of life.  For many, low energy levels make even the most mundane tasks difficult to perform; even making regular exercise seem impossible.  The irony is that exercise is one of the most effective ways to combat fatigue.  Studies show that adults who participated in even brisk walking and low-impact aerobics went to sleep faster and slept longer than those who were sedentary. (King et al. 1997)  There are natural, non-stimulant solutions to combat tiredness by improving mental well being, increasing physical endurance, and enhancing energy production.

Fatigue is not just physical exhaustion; mental exhaustion also impacts energy levels and contributes to fatigue.  Rhodiola crenulata has been shown to enhance learning and memory capacity and reduce stress-induced fatigue. (Darbinyan et al. 2000; Spasov, et al. 2000)  Panax ginseng not only impacts the hormone pathways that regulate stress, but it also improves mental and social functioning. (Wang et al. 1999; Ellis, et al. 2002)  The adaptogenic properties of Eleuthero root have also facilitated an increase in mental alertness. (Farnsworth, et al. 1985)  The naturally-occurring L-dopa in Mucuna pruriens is the precursor to the neurotransmitter, dopamine.  During times of stress and fatigue, natural levels of neurotransmitters can decline sharply.

Nutrients that help improve stamina and increase the body's capacity for endurance play an effective role in supporting energy levels.  There are several powerful adaptogenic herbs that have been shown to increase physical endurance, especially under stress, and provide nutritional support to the frequently overtaxed immune system.  The ability to increase the body's nonspecific resistance allows it to respond quickly and appropriately to a wide range of physical, psychological, and chemical stresses. (Fulder, 1981; Asano et al. 1986; Hartz, 2004; Bohn et al. 1987; Kupin et al. 1986)  Rhodiola provides adaptogenic support that translates into less fatigue and an increase in the body's ability to cope on multiple physiological levels. (Darbinyan, et al. 2000; Cheng et al. 1993; Kelly, 2001; Bucci, 2000)

The body's process of metabolism is the driving mechanism behind maintaining and building energy reserves.  Magnesium is an important co-factor in energy metabolism and supplementation and has been shown to significantly improve energy output (Golf et al. 1998), while Rhodiola has been shown to increase oxygen utilization, decrease blood pressure, and lower heart rate improving overall well-being and physical fitness. (Zang, et al. 1998; Sapsov et al. 2000)

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