New products

The newest products from Futurebiotics based on the latest science and research.

  • VitaCherry® Tart Cherry

    VitaCherry® Tart Cherry

    100% vegetarian

    • Freeze-dried whole tart cherries
    • 475 mg VitaCherry HiActives "super fruit" per capsule
    • Full Nutrient profile of whole tart cherries; No added sweeteners

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  • 7-KETO®


    100% Vegetarian

    •  50 mg of 7-Keto® per capsule
    •  A natural metabolite that declines with age
    •  Without the related side effects of DHEA

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  • Cassia Nomame Extract

    Cassia Nomame Extract

    Cassia Nomame Extract
    100% Vegetarian

    •  300 mg of Cassia nomame extract per capsule
    •  Standardized for a minimum of 8% flavonols
    •  Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules

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  • Modified Citrus Pectin

    Modified Citrus Pectin

    Low Molecular Weight

    • 1500 mg of Modified Citrus Pectin per daily serving
    • Patented, low-molecular weight citrus pectin
    • 100% vegetarian supplement

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  • Mulberry Leaf Extract

    Mulberry Leaf Extract

    100% Vegetarian

    • White Mulberry leaf extract
    • 500 mg of Mulberry leaf extract per capsule
    • Standardized for a minimum of 1% 1-Deoxynojirimycin

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  • Dark Chocolate Extract

    Dark Chocolate Extract

    Nutritionally Provides Antioxidant Protection*

    • 500 mg of VioletamineTM extract per capsule
    • Rich in natural polyphenols
    • 100% vegetarian supplement

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  • GABA 500mg

    GABA 500mg

    100% Vegetarian

    • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid - a non-alpha amino acid
    • 500 mg of GABA per capsule
    • Supports GABA status within the body

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  • Holy Basil Extract

    Holy Basil Extract

    100% Vegetarian

    • Standardized for 2.5% Ursolic Acid
    • 500 mg of Holy Basil Extract per capsule
    • Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules

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  • Meratrim®


    Supports Weight Management*

    • Clinically-studied proprietary blend: Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana
    • Provides the same daily dose of product tested in clinical studies.
    • 100% Vegetarian

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  • Spinach Leaf Extract

    Spinach Leaf Extract

    Spinach Leaf Extract
    One of Nature's Most Perfect Foods

    • 400 mg. of Spinach Leaf Extract
    • Phytonutrient-rich super food
    • 100% vegetarian supplement

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  • Health


    Real Health Solutions

    Futurebiotics provides real health solutions. Guaranteed. Each product employs natural ingredients based on the latest science and research that deliver proven benefits - consistently, by design. Cutting-edge science is complemented with natural co-factors for intuitive natural fit. And many products feature Futurebiotics unique BioAccelerators™ that enhance digestion and absorption. Only the finest natural ingredients from around the world, skillfully formulated, are preserved in sealed amber glass.

    Futurebiotics. Products that deliver on a promise. Of purity. Of efficacy. Of commitment and caring. Of health.

  • Nature


    The Power of Nature!

    There is real power in Nature. Power to awaken, nourish and rejuvenate. Power to heal. Nature packages the wisdom and harmony of healing using subtle, ingenious, and sophisticated methods of delivering health and longevity naturally. Taking inspiration from Nature, Futurebiotics provides power and symmetry in cutting-edge active, natural ingredients and delivers them with sophistication and care – just as nature intended.

  • Life


    What's Your Action Plan?

    Health and healing are life's natural gifts when body, mind and spirit align with Nature's wisdom. Every Futurebiotics targeted nutritional supplement delivers on a promise: specific, targeted health solutions using clinically-proven natural ingredients. Labeling is clean and crisp – laden with information and clarity about the design and uses of each product. Our commitment doesn't end with the product. Every package provides health strategies meant to deliver meaningful results in the Futurebiotics Action Plan. Strategies that make sense.

    For real results.

    For life.