Happy, Healthy New Year: Starting Off Strong with Weight Management Supplements

Happy, Healthy New Year: Starting Off Strong with Weight Management Supplements

With each new year comes new year’s resolutions, typically focused around the idea of self-improvement. One of the most common new year’s resolutions among both men and women is to lose weight by eating healthier and exercising more often. But – we all know that resolutions are difficult to keep. The momentum from the first few weeks of the year eventually starts to decline as we comfortably fall back into old habits.

Luckily, there are plenty of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that exist to help deliver some extra support when it comes to maintaining weight loss goals. While there may not be one “magic pill” that will make your body shed and keep off the pounds, a range of weight supplements in addition to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle can help you manage your weight the right way.

Take a look at our line of natural weight loss supplements to see which options may be right for you as you embark on a healthy weight loss journey.

1. Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Extract

Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone supplement is formulated with nutrient-dense raspberries and antioxidant-rich green tea extract, which are both natural ingredients known to help burn fat and support healthy weight management.* Raspberry ketones have been shown to help fat cells break down more effectively, leading to faster fat burning within the body.* Decaffeinated green tea leaf extract, which has long been used as a weight loss aid, provides energy without the jitters many experience with coffee.*

2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Futurebiotics Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a powerful supplement derived from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit tree. The fruit from this tree has long been studied for its weight loss effects because its rind contains hydroxycitric acid, shown to potentially block the body’s ability to make fat.* Garcinia Cambogia extract has been used as a natural appetite suppressant, and has also been known to potentially improve athletic performance by preventing fatigue and limiting the use of stored energy in the muscles.* A pure source of Garcinia Cambogia extract, this weight loss supplement is non-habit forming and contains no caffeine or stimulants.

3. Green Coffee Extract

Futurebiotics Green Coffee Extract is derived from the raw, unroasted version of the coffee bean. When beans are roasted for the coffee you’re used to drinking, they lose an active compound called chlorogenic acid – which has been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support healthy insulin.* It has also been shown to boost metabolism and support healthy cholesterol, aiding in overall weight management.* This green coffee extract supplement contains naturally occurring caffeine, providing a boost of energy when taken throughout the day.

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Futurebiotics CLA 3000 Conjugated Linoleic Acid delivers active CLA from safflower seed oil to help support healthy weight management.* CLA, a fatty acid found in select foods, must be obtained through diet and supplementation. Increased levels of dietary CLA in the body can increase CLA levels within body tissues, leading to decreased body fat and lean body mass – making this weight control supplement a natural, stimulant-free toning formula.*


5. DHEA Supplements

Futurebiotics DHEA Supplements support a healthy hormonal balance and help fight some of the signs of aging.* A naturally occurring hormone in the body, DHEA travels through the bloodstream and enters cells where it produces other hormones including testosterone and estrogen. As humans age, our levels of DHEA decrease, which can cause hormone imbalances and speed up the signs of aging. In order to keep the body functioning at its peak, including at the optimal weight, it is important to ensure hormone levels are optimized. DHEA should not be taken by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or of child-bearing age.

6. Forskolin

Futurebiotics Forskolin is a weight management supplement derived from the root of the Coleus forskohlii plant, a member of the mint family. This supplement is formulated with ForsLean, a patented and widely respected extract of this powerful plant. Forskolin has been shown to aid in reducing body fat and fighting weight issues by helping to create enzymes that free fatty acids from the body’s cells.* These fatty acids are then burned as fuel, helping to reduce fat in the body.* When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this Forskolin supplement helps to deliver extra weight management support.*

With limited ingredients, this vegetarian immune supplement is a great option for adults looking to boost their energy and immunity over the holiday season. The moringa leaf capsules can be taken once daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional.

7. White Kidney Bean Extract

Futurebiotics White Kidney Bean Extract is used as a supplement for natural weight loss and carbohydrate blocking.* Kidney beans are packed full of vitamins and minerals. White kidney bean extract delivers these key vitamins and minerals without the carbs and calories found in whole beans. In fact, white kidney bean extract has been shown to act as a starch or carb blocker, making it an ideal supplement to take before a large carbohydrate-heavy meal to help the body feel less heavy and sluggish after eating.* This white kidney bean supplement has also been shown to help facilitate weight loss, targeting the reduction of abdominal fat.*

While an overall healthy lifestyle including diet and regular exercise is what will ultimately lead to proper weight loss and/or management, supplementing with natural vitamins, minerals and extracts will provide extra support for your mind and body throughout the process. This is key in long-term weight management and helping to maintain your new year’s resolution for a healthier you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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