Look and Feel Your Best This Summer with Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Look and Feel Your Best This Summer with Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Summertime is quickly approaching. For many, summer means the ability to peel off some layers and show off the skin that’s been hiding under blankets, sweaters and jackets throughout the colder months.  

If the dark days and crisp temperatures of winter have done a number on your hair, skin and nails – making them dry, dull and brittle – fear not. With a few healthy tips and natural beauty supplements, you can spring into summer looking and feeling your best. Because as we know, a healthy body is a beautiful one. 

From beauty vitamins that help rejuvenate the skin, to supplements for healthy hair, you’re sure to find the perfect product to help you look and feel your best from the inside-out. 

1. Best Supplements for Skin

Skin is often a major focus for both women and men throughout the summer months. Regular sunscreen use, hat wearing and staying in the shade are great strategies for keeping your skin healthy and glowing without unsightly (and unhealthy) burns and sun rashes. Beyond sunburns, peeling and flaky skin, many adults still suffer from acne and other skin-related issues during the summer months. 

 If you suffer from active acne breakouts or scarring and find that prescription acne medication causes dryness and irritation – especially during the summer – it may be time to look into natural skin care supplements instead.   

Futurebiotics AcneAdvance is a great option, helping to naturally promote healthier skin. This skin supplement is made with bovine colostrum, the first form of milk produced by mammals after giving birth. The proteins found in bovine colostrum can help improve the symptoms of acne, reducing irritation and repairing the skin. AcneAdvance also contains LinumLife, a flax ingredient that is known to help balance hormones for healthier skin.* 

     For general skin support, good skin vitamins and minerals can have a profound effect. In particular, zinc is a powerful key mineral that helps improve the body’s immune system and support its natural defenses. This extends to the largest organ in the body – the skin.  

    Futurebiotics Zinc Triple Action combines three forms of zinc to support immune function, antioxidant levels and healthier skin: Zinc Acetate, Picolinate and Orotate.* Rich in antioxidants and free from GMOs, gluten and soy, this trace mineral supplement provides immune system and skin support that will help you feel and look your best throughout the summer.* 

      2. Anti-Aging Supplements 

      Everyone wants glowing, dewy and youthful-looking skin during the summertime. Besides the regular use of SPF, there are many skin care supplements and vitamins used to help reduce the signs of aging and renew that glow we’re all searching for. We all age – but aging gracefully with the help of natural vitamins and supplements can help us look and feel our best year-round, especially in the summer. 

      DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the adrenal gland. As DHEA travels through the bloodstream, it produces other hormones including testosterone and estrogen. As humans age, natural DHEA levels decline, and supplements are often required to help balance these key hormones. 

      Futurebiotics DHEA Supplements in 50 mg and 25 mg have been shown to improve the overall appearance and youthfulness of skin, as well as supporting a healthy mood and improving bone density.* Be sure to check with your doctor to see if DHEA is right for you. 

        Another naturally occurring element in the body that declines as we age is silicon. Silicon helps the body to synthesize collagen (which supports all tissues in the body) and elastin (which provides elasticity to hair, skin and blood vessels). As we age and silicon stores decline, hair, skin and nails can become drier and more brittle. 

        Futurebiotics Super Silica Complex is designed to supplement the body’s natural production of silicon as its levels decline with age. With the addition of calcium, magnesium and zinc, this supplement helps to support bone health (including teeth), heart function, the nervous system and metabolism.* 

          One of our best supplements for glowing skin and a more youthful appearance is our 30 Day Beauty Secret Anti-Aging Formula, a combination of powerful antioxidants, nutrients and essential vitamins that work together to fight the signs of aging.  

          Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret helps fight the factors that cause signs of early aging, such as stress, environmental pollution and toxins. Each daily packet of three tablets contains ingredients that help the body to regenerate and protect the skin, leading to a more youthful, glowing appearance.* 

            3. Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails 

            We’ve discussed supplements specific to skincare and anti-aging, but beauty vitamins that support hair, skin and nails as a combination are a popular option for those who want an all-around healthier look for the summer. From biotin to vitamin E to calcium, there are a number of vitamins that help make your skin look rejuvenated, your nails thick and strong, and your hair soft and lustrous.  

            Biotin, part of the B family of vitamins, is known to help support hair, skin and nails, and is often used as a main ingredient in many skin, hair and nails supplements. Without a healthy amount of biotin, hair and nails can become more brittle and prone to breakage, and skin can become dry. 

            Futurebiotics Biotin helps supplement your body’s natural levels of the vitamin. Found in a variety of healthy foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, shellfish and more, biotin can be missing from many modern diets if not supplemented. Adding this supplement to your daily routine can help make hair and nails stronger and skin brighter for the summer months (and year-round). 

              Multivitamins for hair, skin and nails are a great option for those looking for more than biotin alone. Available in formulations for both men and women, nails, hair and skin supplements are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to support overall health and well-being – including beauty.  

              Futurebiotics Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty Multivitamin for women includes vitamins and minerals such as biotin, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, calcium, iron, zinc and many more – creating a powerful supplement that not only promotes more beautiful hair, skin and nails, but overall health and vitality.* 
              Don’t forget about the guys! Futurebiotics Hair, Skin & Nails Nutrition for Men promotes the same healthy hair, strengthened nails and nourished skin.* 

                For that extra boost of confidence this summer, head into the season with the power of beauty supplements behind you. Learn more about our full range of beauty supplements that support skincare, anti-aging, and stronger hair and nails. 

                *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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