Women’s Health: How to Make Informed Choices & Kickstart Healthier Habits

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March is National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month and our first peek into the warmer spring season. Spring cleaning isn’t just for closets anymore – with the promise of growth and new beginnings, the start of spring offers a wonderful opportunity for women to take stock of their health and nutrition, kickstarting the season with a change toward healthier habits. 

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, Women’s History Month and the changing seasons, here are six ways to help you spring-clean your health habits this month.

1. Start Small

Mom taking baby steps with her sonWhether your goal is to eat clean, exercise daily or sleep at least seven hours per night, the key to developing better health habits is to start small. Completely uprooting your existing habits will only lead to fatigue and a greater chance of falling back into what is comfortable. Start by changing one simple thing – heading to bed 30 minutes earlier than regular, for example – and once you become comfortable with the change, try adjusting something else.


2. Create a Routine

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Once you’ve started small by making manageable changes to your existing habits, turn all of those changes into a routine that works for you. The key in routine-building is to ensure you fill your new practice with steps you enjoy and add to your positive energy throughout the day. The routine you create might look like a specific wake-up time for meditation and light movement, followed by a healthy breakfast before getting to work.



3. Listen to Your Body

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Hormonal changes, including PMS and menopause and their related symptoms, can become a daily issue for many women. It’s important to advocate for your health, listening to your body to understand when it may need some additional support. 





4. Don’t Go Hungry

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The key to healthy weight loss is not to eat less but to make more informed choices about the foods you decide to eat. Whole foods, leafy greens and a reduced amount of sugar or processed ingredients can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. The outcome being increased energy, improved immunity, and the potential to shed unwanted pounds – making a more nourishing diet one of the best changes you can make for whole-body results. 


5. Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Woman waking up from a full night's sleep

You can’t perform at your best during the day if you’re not getting the proper rest and rejuvenation at night. Most healthy adults require 7-9 hours of sleep per night. A full night’s sleep is always essential, but especially when you’re working toward new health goals, and ensuring you’re getting quality sleep is a crucial healthy habit in itself.




6. Look Your Best, Feel Your Best

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Confidence plays a huge role in the way you show up for yourself and others each day. When trying to build healthier habits, it’s essential to take some time for yourself to ensure you’re feeling confident and happy in both your body and your choices. For many women, beauty supplements are a great way to boost confidence by supporting stronger nails, healthier hair and more youthful skin. When you look your best, you feel your best, and you’re sure to move into healthier habits with a more positive attitude. 

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